Posted on 21-Jan-2020



Many of my clients view SEO as the dark arts. I view it as an art form. Website Optimization, if done organically and legitimately, can have a long lasting and beneficial effect on your websites rankings. Here at SEO London we specialise in on page SEO which ensures the website is responsive to mobile, tablet and desktop views but it is also responsive on 3G, 4G and Wifi networks. SEOLIT build websites for speed becuase in this game every second or milisecond counts.

whether your potential client is viewing your website over Wi-Fi or a 3G network your webpage will appear quickly. Giving the user no reason to navigate away and try another webpage. Aside from the fundamentals and even with the role out of 5G networks it is all about delivering services, products and information quickly.

As I said every second counts even if you appear highly in search rankings.

I optimise for speed and high rankings.
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